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Some recent early mornings

with the recent good weather the morning sessions have been getting earlier and earlier… Here are a few pics of the park before it gets busy…      And at the other end of the day… As the park empties…     

Thanks for using the bin…

hopefully we will have the extra bins we requested a few weeks back in place soon. In the mean time please encourage park users to take their litter home with them or use one of the bins on the pathways. As there seems to always be a breeze blowing – litter left in neat piles(…)

Post jam – massive thanks

The zero degrees jam (7/32015) turned out to be a busy day with hundreds of people at the park skating, scooting, bmx’ing and watching the riding.  On the hottest day of the year so far with blue sky’s!! It’s was Presented by death skate boards and hardet supply co with the generous support of(…)

Massive Thanks…

Now the park is open, wanted to say a big thank you to all of those behind the scenes who made it happen, so a massive thanks to….. The User Group members who attended numerous meetings and events over the years. Chris, Michelle and Jackie at Lewis District Council and Steve and the Team at(…)

Signs going up..

And paint going down ready for the RoSPA visit tomorrow and hand over and opening Thursday