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Final street area setting out

Last bits of the street area are being set out – lots of lines are appearing.. It’s all looking very good…

Quater platform poured

And the round bowl flat bottom poured and more of the street area coming together

The sun is out!

Deep end being dug and street quarter / hip / bank being formed – canvas build crew are powering through it!

The street area..

From left.. China bank, with the slappy curb In the back ground and progress on the on the plaza and end bank to the right

Shallow end flat bottom

The shallow end of the bowl is ready for the concrete to be poured and the deep end is being dug out

More concrete down

More of the concrete slabs are down, one around the shallow end platform and a couple on the link to the street area

Banked corner

This is the transitioned bank that leads into the steer area… This will be soooooo much fun !!!

Flat bottom poured

The flat bottom of the square bowl has been poured…. More pours later this week!